Understanding Rubber Gasket Durability

30 April 2021

Most of the time, machine components are equipped with gaskets to ensure that their surfaces will be protected and safe against any type of leakage. Moreover, they are joined by gaskets to make sure that their irregularities will be filled properly.

While a lot of materials can be used for producing gaskets, there is one material that can boast great benefits to many businesses. This material is known as rubber. Just like other materials, rubber gaskets can prevent leaks that may come from gas or liquid. However, they can also be effective in keeping chemicals and any other substances from going in and out of machine components. They can also be resistant to ultraviolet rays and ozone cracking, allowing them to be useful for outdoor applications.

Problems with Rubber Gaskets

Despite the grand resistance of rubber against elements, they can still manifest problems that businesses should consider and take note of. And even though they are relatively cheap, the effects of their failures may generate expensive repairs, income loss, and even high hospital bills. Hence, failure to account for possible sources of rubber gasket issues can yield a huge amount of operational expenses.

Most problems that are associated with these gaskets may come from various factors. These factors include unstable temperatures, uneven flange surfaces, stress relaxation, torque loss, and uneven pressure forces at the joint. No matter what factors a rubber gasket has, they can all lead to either catastrophic failure or chronic leakage. Catastrophic failure entails the urgent leakage of the media, while chronic leakage is known to be the gradual deterioration of the gasket that leads to small leaks.

Preserving Gasket Durability

Now, to effectively preserve the durability of rubber gaskets, businesses might want to consider and follow some tips when utilising these useful components.

One of the most notable tips in preserving gasket durability is to keep a record of all instances of gasket failures in the past. All these records and historical logs can be utilised in studying the trends of failures, pointing out the root cause of the said failures, as well as producing corrective measures to prevent notable gasket failures in the future.

Another great tip to preserve gasket durability is to choose the best rubber gaskets for the intended applications. Choosing the best rubber gaskets can preserve their durability as they are expected to last despite being exposed to elements every day. Two considerations in choosing the best rubber gaskets are their material and production quality. A rubber gasket that can effectively resist chemicals and temperature fluctuations is known to last for a long time. A gasket that is manufactured efficiently can likewise provide all the benefits that it should possess right from the very beginning.

Ultimately, rubber gaskets can stay durable and functional if they are installed correctly. Following the guide from their manufacturer can ensure that they can yield minimised downtime and costs of upkeep.

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