FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti – Static) Product for Underground Mines

December 13, 2019

Without beating around the proverbial bush, FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-Static) products in underground mines are those that minimize dangerous site ignitability hazards. The products described here only serve to prove one hard fact: There can be no gambling, no wagering with what are essentially high-risk work conditions here, not when lives and limbs are […]

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Vent Band (FRAS) and Its Use in Underground Mines

December 1, 2019

A heavy emphasis is placed on worker safety when designing underground mines. Huge efforts are made to provide a risk-free environment down there among the tunnels and vaulted subterranean chambers. That’s why there are steel-laced supports in every passageway to stabilize the walls and ceilings. Following this line of safety-centric reasoning, a vent band’s job […]

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