5 Primary Reasons Why Rubber is the Best Material for Seal Components

09 August 2021

For machines and other hardware to be functional and long-lasting, most of their parts must be shut and sealed tightly. Through various seal components such as washers, spacers, gaskets, and bushings, these things can easily carry out their functions without expecting any damages from the surroundings.

After all, these seal components are intended to be mounted and installed on various machine parts. Once they are successfully installed, they can prevent gases and liquids from involuntarily flowing into the machine parts during their operations. As gases and liquids are stopped from flowing freely, industries that utilise machines and other hardware devices can expect their assets to work for a long time.

A lot of materials can be used in creating seal components. But one material that stands out from the rest of the material options is rubber. Rubber is the best material for sealing due to the following reasons:

  1. Guaranteed Flexibility

One of the reasons why rubber is the best sealing material is that it has guaranteed flexibility. Compared to metal seal components, rubber seal components are designed to be more flexible and adaptable to the situation that they are in. This quality alone allows them to securely fit in machine parts without major risks of creep and leakage.

  • Greater Load Distribution

Another reason why the rubber is great for seal components is that it can provide greater load distribution as opposed to other sealing materials. Their ability to distribute pressure and load inside the machine parts, alongside their flexibility, makes them great for minimising damages to their surrounding areas.

  • Enhanced Sealing

Perhaps, the main reason why the rubber is the best material for seal components is that it can offer enhanced sealing to machine parts. The use of rubber seal components has been notable for preventing fluid, gases, and other substances from leaking. They can even withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive elements, and other rough operating conditions, making them safe for any application.

  • Noteworthy Stability

The flexibility and load distribution of rubber seal components likewise make them extremely stable during their operations. Even if they feature various shapes, sizes, and configurations, seal components made from rubber can still seal and protect machine parts from elements without compromising stability. 

  • Prolonged Service Life

Given that rubber can withstand extreme elements, this material is recommended for seal components as it can work for a very long time. Rubber seal components such as washers, spacers, gaskets, and bushings are expected to operate for a lengthy amount of time given that they can absorb machine vibration very well. This quality allows them to avoid damaging wear, creep, and displacement. Rubber seal components can also have prolonged service life since instances of surface damage and corrosion are mitigated effectively by their primary composition, flexibility, and load distribution properties.

All these reasons behind utilising rubber for seal components make them great for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics. To gain access to quality rubber seal components, you can contact us at VSRP. We stock a wide range of standard items and produce rubber products to your exact specifications and consistently high quality.