How to Take Care of Your Rubber O-Rings Properly?

23 August 2021

Many industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and oil maximise sealing products so that their pipes, tubes, pistons, cylinders, and other similar components can be protected from liquids or gases. One of the sealing products that they often maximise are O-rings.

O-rings are round elastic loops that can seal applications that are either static or dynamic. And as previously stated, they are one of the sealing products that can seal structures of various components, preventing them from any leakage incidents. To date, O-rings can be produced out of various rubber materials. Some materials that can be used to generate O-rings are polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), nitrile, neoprene, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, Viton, and silicone.

Rubber O-rings are known for their indestructible and sturdy properties. However, they should be assessed and maintained throughout their usage. The following are some helpful tips that you can do to take care of your rubber O-rings properly.

Ensure Proper Installation

One of the tips that you must do to take care of your rubber O-rings is to install them properly. When installing O-rings on your specific component, you must make sure that the gland or groove will be free from any metallic materials. The absence of metallic materials can ensure that the O-rings will not be cut or pierced during their usage. Your O-rings must likewise be installed without torquing or twisting them, ensuring that they can seal the components uniformly.

Conduct Detailed Inspection

Even though O-rings are installed properly, they must still be assessed and inspected regularly. Once notable issues are found, then they must be fixed or replaced right away. One of the issues that your O-rings may possess is chemical damages. O-rings with chemical damages will typically show signs of cracking, discolouration, or blistering. Other issues that your O-rings may have are swelling, thermal degradation, extrusion, and degradation.

Apply Adequate Lubricant

Another tip that you should do take care of your rubber O-rings is to apply an adequate amount and type of lubricant. Lubrication of O-rings is vital since it can prevent them from obtaining damages easily. It can likewise extend their service life, helping you save a lot of money on replacements and repairs. Once the lubricant dries out, the O-rings may easily obtain truly irreversible damages. Worse, the components that are being sealed may also obtain problems that can affect your entire operations.

Practice Suitable Cleaning

Aside from installing and lubricating them properly, you must also ensure that the O-rings will be cleaned regularly. O-rings must be cleaned with soap and water so that they can maintain their primary functions without damaging their surfaces. Utilising solvents like trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride is not recommended for these sealing materials since they can be harmful to their surfaces. Sharp tools and brushes are likewise not recommended when cleaning the O-rings.

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