Potential Hazards of Buying Poorly Manufactured Rubber Gaskets

27 May 2021

The key role of a gasket is pretty straightforward. It is designed to effectively fill the space and irregularities between two or more products. As space is filled, any signs of leakage can be prevented from or into the joined products. Given the effectiveness of this specific mechanical seal, it is often used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, food processing, and petrochemical.

A gasket can be made from different materials. Some of these are rubber, metal, cork, felt, fibreglass, and plastic polymer. And one gasket material that can be very helpful in specific applications is rubber. As long as it is manufactured properly, a rubber gasket can assure solid sealing functionality and safe operations of products. It can likewise guarantee resistance to electricity, water, and temperatures. Its flexibility can also help in filling the irregularities once the stress is applied.

Failure Awaits with Poorly Built Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets that are poorly manufactured, alternatively, can easily fail once they are used in their intended applications. There are numerous reasons why they would fail. 

One of the main reasons why poorly built rubber gaskets might fail is their interaction with specific substances. Substances like fuels, chemicals, and cleaners can be damaging to some rubber gaskets. And without considering these substances, rubber gaskets can easily fail in just a short time. Utilising the wrong type of rubber for the gaskets can be one aspect behind this. 

Aside from substances, another reason why poorly built rubber gaskets might fail is the surrounding temperature. Rubber gaskets that are manufactured correctly can easily withstand the temperatures that they are set to operate. On the other hand, gaskets that are poorly manufactured can easily soften at high temperatures and deteriorate at low temperatures. Pressure is another factor that can cause poorly built rubber gaskets to fail. Applying high enough pressure to these gaskets can easily break them.

Potential Hazards with Faulty Rubber Gaskets

The application of poorly manufactured rubber gaskets to certain products can pose hazards to properties and the people around them. One possible hazard with faulty rubber gaskets would be the generation of accidents in a workplace. Instances of trips, falls, and other similar accidents might increase significantly as these gaskets are continuously used.

Aside from workplace accidents, the application of poorly manufactured rubber gaskets can also cause significant loss of products or components. Products that rely heavily on gaskets might get damaged as the gaskets cannot truly carry out their functions. And as time passes by, the gaskets might crack, which would then affect the quality of the joined products.

Once the joined components become broken, the equipment pieces or machines that utilise these components may ultimately get damaged with faulty rubber gaskets. The continuous exposure of the faulty rubber gaskets to damaging elements can destroy and break them along the way, affecting everything that they are intended to serve.

Purchase High-Quality Rubber Gaskets Today

There are elements that you need to consider when buying rubber gaskets. Some of these elements are dimensions, pressure, temperature, application, and lifespan. If you want to purchase high-quality rubber gaskets, just give us a call at VSRP. We specialise in customised tooling design and manufacture according to our customers’ specifications.