Key Features and Applications of Reinforced Rubber Sheets

30 September 2021

Tons of materials are being utilised by manufacturers in generating different products. One material that they often maximise is rubber.

Rubber is generally used by manufacturers due to its associated physical qualities. First, rubber has an inherent hardness that can be modified based on the preferences of a specific manufacturer or industry. Additionally, this material has excellent tensile strength and modulus, allowing it to be more resilient. The rubber material is likewise known for its reliable flexibility and resistance to tearing and abrasion.

All these qualities can be modified as soon as the rubber materials are altered. Rubber sheets are generated whenever rubber materials are moulded into flat sheets. The addition of specific material like cloth or fabric to the rubber sheets then produces reinforced rubber sheets.

Key Features of Reinforced Rubber Sheets

A wide array of cloth can be added to rubber sheets to come up with different types of reinforced rubber sheets. However, most of them share the same features that make them useful for a lot of applications needed by industries.

One of the key features that reinforced rubber sheets possess is improved mechanical strength. The added material to the rubber sheets allows them to have boosted mechanical strength that normal rubber sheets do not contain. This improved characteristic allows the materials to be useful in applications that require long-term operations. It also permits them to work under hot or cold loads, as well as environments that are exposed to harsh weather conditions and moisture.

Another feature that reinforced rubber sheets contain is enhanced dimensional stability. Dimensional stability is the ability of a material to change in dimensions whenever it is washed, relaxed, or exposed to certain temperatures. The improvement over the dimensional stability of reinforced rubber sheets allows them to work well with any changes present in the environment or application.

Reinforced Rubber Sheets Applications

As previously mentioned, reinforced rubber sheets are maximised by many manufacturers, ensuring that different industries can use them in their applications. Some industries that maximise reinforced rubber sheets are automotive, chemical, electronics, energy, food, marine, and transportation.

What is common about these industries is that they utilise equipment pieces and components that require proper sealing. Hence, they are expected to use fasteners like gaskets, sealing strips, and buffer rings made from reinforced rubber sheets. Aside from fasteners, reinforced rubber sheets can also be used in generating mats, floor coverings, carpeting, cushioning, components of ships, boats, and vehicles, conveyor belts, gas and fuel metering equipment, diesel and fuel pumps, and many more.

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