Protect Your Vehicle Bodies with Rubber Bumpers from VSRP

09 July 2021

Vehicles can be exposed to a lot of damaging elements from their surroundings. Their external surfaces may obtain some markings and stains due to exposure to weather elements and dirt particles. They can likewise attain dents and scratches due to their interaction with road debris, nearby vehicles’ doors, fallen tree branches, shopping trolleys, and other possible elements from the outdoors.

If your business operations involve trucks and other similar vehicles, you may want to protect them from external damages. Since most of these vehicles will be parked on docks, you can customise these places to make them safe for your assets. One way to do this is through the installation of rubber bumpers.

An Introduction to Rubber Bumpers 

Rubber bumpers are tiny pieces of rubber material that can protect vehicle bodies and even machines, equipment, and other products from impact damage. Some types of rubber bumpers contain an adhesive on one side, which can be utilised by pressing them against the rear of the trucks, vehicles, and even docks. They may come in either a circular or bar-like shape and feature some holes for added efficiency.

What makes rubber bumpers great for vehicle bodies is that they can easily create a barrier between them and the surfaces around them. Whenever vehicles are parked on docks, they can easily get scratches, dents, and other serious damages. But once the rubber bumpers are present, then these forms of damages can be avoided effectively.

Choosing the Best Rubber Bumpers

The best rubber bumpers for your site would depend on several factors. For one, you may want to consider the size of your vehicles. If you are accommodating huge trucks, then you must go for large size rubber bumpers. Small rubber bumpers, alternatively, can already do well with small vehicles. Aside from size, you must also consider the amount of impact that you expect with your vehicles on the dock.

Another factor to consider in choosing the best rubber bumpers for your vehicles is their material. Some of them may be produced out of silicone. Silicone rubber bumpers are known for their moisture resistance, elasticity, and longevity, which can already do well with vehicle bodies and docks. Another material that you can consider is nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber bumpers are recommended for applications that have oil or grease on site since they can withstand their possible damaging effects effectively.

With the right rubber bumpers, any dock traffic can be accommodated without any issues. Your vehicle bodies can also be protected through the correct type of rubber bumpers.

Purchase Rubber Bumpers at VSRP

To purchase the best rubber bumpers for your needs, you can contact us at VSRP. We are an Australian based company with a subsidiary manufacturing facility in Vietnam and close and long-term manufacturing partners. We specialise in customised tooling design and manufacture according to our customers’ specifications. Our staff have extensive experience in the rubber industry, providing you with high quality, professionally produced products. 

Our Sydney office and the manufacturing facility is ISO9001 accredited, allowing us to consistently provide products and services that meet your requirements and regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing you with quality products and on-time delivery on every order.