How to Effectively Prevent Your Check Valves from Failing?

27 July 2021

Potable water tanks are tanks that are intended to store potable water for human consumption. Their primary composition and structure must adhere to the qualities stated by regulating bodies so that the water can be consumed without expecting any health issues.

But one way to optimise the performance of potable water tanks is through the integration of check valves. Check valves are hardware devices that can limit the water flow to only one direction. They possess ports that are designed to be the inlet and outlet for the media. These valves function well as they rely on the principles of pressure differential. The inlet port must have a higher pressure than the outlet port before the check valves can open. If this condition is not met, then the valves will close.

Known Causes of Failing Check Valves 

Now, if the check valves have failed to perform their intended operations, then there might be some problems and issues with their components. Failure to address them right away can then damage the components of connected systems and cost expensive repairs.

One of the reasons behind failing check valves is the water hammer. A water hammer is a sudden pressure surge that is typically generated whenever the water in motion is compelled to abruptly change direction or stop from moving. As the occurrences of the water hammer continue, some components of the valves and other associated fittings might get some damage.

Another possible cause of failing check valves is the reversal of water flow. This specific problem totally opposes the function of the check valves. With the existence of two-way flow inside the tanks, their components might get substantial issues that can be difficult to resolve.

Other possible causes of failing check valves include the improper installation and assembly of the said valves, leaving some debris inside the portable water tanks, and failure to change the seals.

Preventative Maintenance is Necessary

Regular preventative maintenance of the check valves is necessary. Without maintenance, the check valves are anticipated to gain notable problems during their operations. Their longevity is likewise expected to decrease since they are not serviced effectively.

One way to maintain the check valves is to keep them clean. Any contaminants and debris inside these valves and the connected portable water tanks should be removed to ensure that they can operate effectively. They can be cleaned by utilising filters and covers. Flushing the tanks can also help eradicate debris and minimise contaminants.

Another way to ensure the longevity of check valves is to lubricate them. An appropriate lubricant must be used to make sure that they perform well. Reapplying the lubricant regularly can likewise help the valves work for a much longer time compared to not applying lubricant at all.

Purchase Quality Check Valves Today

Ultimately, your check valves might need to be replaced with new ones if they cannot operate properly anymore. Doing this can cost you some money, but the overall savings that you can get from new check valves in the long run are significantly high as opposed to maximising faulty check valves.

If you need quality check valves for your portable water tanks, you can call us at VSRP.