Mining Industry

We supply conveyor discs, rollers, vent bands for underground ventilation tubes, FRAS (Fire Retardant Anti-Static) products that meets MDG3608

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Agriculture and Irrigation

We supply a wide variety of components to suit Agriculture and Irrigation Purposes.

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Construction, Civil Engineering, Road and Rail

We stock pipe seals in various profiles.

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Engineered Rubber Products

Providing you with Quality Rubber Products

VSRP comprises a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the rubber industry.  We have control of the manufacturing facility, and we are flexible with your changing needs.  We can assist from tooling design to selecting suitable compounds for the applications, and we are proactive and responsive to meet your requirement.

Customised Tooling Design for Rubber Manufacture

Our methodical process from design, material selection, tooling, first off inspection, sample approval to mass production ensure quality products are manufactured to your specifications.   Our team have extensive experience in the rubber and manufacturing industry, providing you with the right advise that meets your requirement.

ISO9001:2015 Accredited

VSRP is ISO9001:2015 accredited. Our methods are systematic, processes are documented, product batches are traceable. These ensure consistent, high quality products that are reproducible to the required standard. Our products meet the required industry standard AS1646 for Elastomeric pipe seal and MDG3608 for Fire Resistant Antistatic material used in underground mines. We are committed to providing you with high-quality rubber products in a timely manner.

We have an established relationship with our clients where we have been trusted in supplying quality rubber products for well over 10 years.

We Manufacture and Supply High Quality Rubber Products

Our high quality rubber products are highly valued across a broad section of industries. We can manufacture and supply rubber accessories from the mining industry to civil engineering and construction industries, rail transport and road transport. We also manufacture for defence organisations, contractors, and architectural industries. VSRP is also equipped to supply necessary rubber products for air conditioning manufacturers, door and window manufacturers, plumbing supply, and agriculture and irrigation.

We are a lean manufacturer and operator. This allows us to be the most competitive supplier in the market.  We have assisted many clients in cutting cost, increase their profitability without compromising on quality. We can help you too, talk to us today.

For all your enquiries and needs regarding rubber products, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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Custom Moulded Rubber Products

Industrial Rubber Supplier