Steel Bonded Rubber

Steel Bonded Rubber is a type of rubber that has many applications. The most common use of SBR is in handling heavy loads.

One of the perks of being a rubber company is that you get to dabble in a lot of different industries. Rubber has so many applications, it’s found in everything from aviation to medical devices. And we’re not just talking about plain old rubber here. We’re talking about steel bonded rubber! This stuff is incredibly tough and resilient, making it perfect for use in a whole host of industrial and commercial applications.

There are a lot of products available to make heavy-duty parts from rubber. They range from 1/8″ up to over 10″. For the most part, thicker materials will be more durable and still have a long life as an industrial use product.

Most of these steel bonded rubber bars, tubes or plates can be used for grip bars in several industries – if you have a non-skid surface already applied at the time of order. Also possible is ordering without a textured surface and having it added later on if needed for a different industry such as mining / nuclear plants or construction sites where there is not enough room to handle tools safely without everyone tripping over them ALL THE TIME.

Types of Rubber

There are numerous types of rubber on the market, and some are more common than others. Some of the most frequent ones include nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, and natural rubber. There are several more out there, though they’re the kinds we encounter most frequently in ours.

Preparing Rubber for Bonding

The first step to a successful bonding is to properly prepare the rubber. To get rid of items like slip additives, mould release, and other processing lubricants, do a thorough solvent degreaser. Isopropanol is usually your best bet because acetone may be too powerful for certain types of rubber in a hurry.

It’s crucial to pick the proper sort of glue when connecting rubber. Using the wrong solution might harm your substrates or cause them to fail to adhere together. Cyanoacrylate is one of the most common types of adhesives used to connect rubber to rubber, but it isn’t always successful.

Cleaning the surfaces effectively might help you achieve a good connection, but sometimes a different solution is required. Glue Gun has a wide selection of adhesives for a variety of applications. We have you covered if you require high-quality cyanoacrylate super glue, epoxy, or silicone adhesive

We supply a wide range of bonded rubber products such as nitrile mounts, radiator mounts, rubber bonded steel bars as grip bars, rubber bumpers for trade or mining industries.

The force to compress the bonded material must be within certain specifications according to its thickness, length and width. Any other information or requests about steel bonded rubber, please visit our website.