How Conveyor Applications Can Benefit from Skirting Rubber?

28 June 2021

Automotive, electronics, food processing, mining, packaging, and other industries all utilise conveyor systems to transport loads, materials, and products within the specified areas. Conveyor systems may be equipped with belt, wheels, chain, or rollers to transfer objects from one place to another.

What makes conveyor systems beneficial for these industries is that they minimise human error. Since most of them have to process tons of loads, materials, and products during their operations, they can easily accomplish their processes without expecting any significant slowdowns and mistakes. Business owners can also prevent their employees from obtaining injuries as some of these things can be too heavy or too bulky to carry and move by hand alone.

But to make conveyor systems more functional, industries can also integrate skirting rubber into them. Skirting rubber is a sealing product that can prevent dust from getting out of the conveyor systems. Through the installation of this sealing product, the following benefits can be attained.

Suppresses Dust Particles

Some products that are being transported by the conveyor system may break off into smaller particles and generate dust. Without the skirting rubber, the dust particles may be released into the atmosphere and cause adverse health effects to the people around the system. Alternatively, the presence of skirting rubber allows dust particles to stay within the conveyor system. Additionally, fine materials like sand, sugar, salt, wood chips, and others are saved from being discharged out of the system.

Minimises Material Loss

Another benefit of installing skirting rubber is that it can minimise the amount of material loss during the conveyor system operations. Tons of factors can negatively affect the operations of conveyor systems. Their speed or incline angle may not be compatible with the materials that they are transporting. The materials themselves might likewise have inconsistent qualities. But no matter what conveying issues an operation has, the sealing function of the skirting rubber still allows most loads, materials, and products to arrive at their intended destinations, minimising instances of material loss and wastage.

Prevents System Damages

Aside from proper sealing of skirting rubber, it can also be utilised to prevent the conveyor systems from being damaged. The addition of the skirting rubber can keep the conveyor system components aligned as they operate and transport loads, materials, and products. Since the components will be aligned, they can effectively work without obstructing one another. The overall service life of the conveyor systems is also guaranteed to increase, while the need to clean, repair, and maintain them will be reduced.

Increases Productivity

One more benefit of installing skirting rubber is that it can improve and increase the productivity of businesses. Since skirting rubber can minimise the amount of dust particles that are released into the atmosphere, it can easily prevent employees from obtaining health issues. And as employees continue to come to work, the processes involving the conveyor system can continue. Reducing material loss and wastage can likewise achieve a higher product yield for several businesses.

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