How Does the Mining Industry Benefit from Rubber Seals?

10 May 2021

There are a lot of activities that are often conducted on a mining site. From the setting up of equipment pieces and tools to the extraction of the element itself, all these activities are performed carefully to ensure that the entire mining process will be successful and will be free from any problems.

One part of the mining process that must be conducted is the assessment of all the equipment pieces and tools before their usage. Without checking their condition, they might suddenly fail in the middle of operations, which might lead to costly repairs. They might even trigger site damages and cause injuries to the people on-site, affecting the overall condition of the mining project.

The maintenance of mining equipment pieces and tools typically involves the assessment of their sealing materials. And if replacement is needed, then rubber seals can be utilised for better functionality. After all, rubber seals boast the following features that make them great for the mining industry.

Temperature Resistance

Mining equipment pieces and tools typically operate at varying temperatures. As a matter of fact, most of them have mechanisms that often generate heat as they operate for mining purposes. Through rubber seals, any temperature changes can be resisted without manifesting any problems since rubber itself can tolerate both high and low temperatures. Some types of rubber seals can resist temperatures between -100°C and 310°C, making them suitable for any mining operations and conditions.

Guaranteed Flexibility

No matter where they are installed, rubber seals can effectively absorb any stress and pressure that is placed upon them without showing signs of breakage. The flexibility of rubber materials allows them to mould themselves to the shape and contours of components that they are intended to seal tightly. This feature alone makes rubber seals very useful for the mining industry, particularly when it comes to its equipment pieces and tools that are often used in a wide variety of processes and operations.

Reliable and Non-toxic

One more feature of rubber seals that makes them appropriate for the mining industry is that they can be truly reliable. Many rubber seals today are now made of non-toxic materials, allowing them to work well with elements and substances without expecting any issues or problems. Even with continuous operations of mining equipment pieces and tools, the rubber seals will not affect the outcome of the mining processes and can even prevent dust and other elements from entering.

Material Compatibility

The installation of rubber seals on different mining equipment and tools can be done effectively as they can work well with other parts and components. Seals made from rubber do not generate any negative effects once they are integrated with other materials. They even improve the overall tolerance of the equipment pieces and tools to extreme temperature. They could likewise enhance their overall compression capabilities as well as extend their service life.

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