The Significance of Rubber Products in Modern Industrial Agricultural Industries

07 February 2020

Over the years, the demand for rubber products has grown substantially. Although vehicle tyres are partially responsible for this increase in demand, numerous other products are made from rubber and range from seals to check valves. While other industries also depend upon rubber goods for their daily operations, growing and processing this material are two complexities of the modern industrial agricultural industries today. However, this is not the only significance of rubber products for this industry since the following are some examples of rubber products that this industry uses all throughout the year.

1. Important Parts for Irrigation Systems and Machinery

Rubber plays a crucial role in the irrigation systems and machinery for the agricultural industry. Components made with this material range from sealing components to tube stabilisers. Without these parts, irrigation equipment and setups will not work properly and efficiently.

2. Components of Piston Pumps

Piston pumps also contain rubber parts that help them pump their allotted liquids in, through and out of irrigation and other agricultural equipment. These pumps are types of positive displacement pumps in which high-pressure seals interchange with the pistons. Pumps of this style can deal a range of media from water to a viscous substance.

3. Water Tank Seals

Without rubber seals, water tanks would leak at specific points in their construction. This issue makes the tanks unusable until the seals are in place properly. Also, these seals can wear over time to where they need replacing.

4. Check Valves in Potable Water Tanks

Many times, there is a need for potable water tanks in the agricultural industry. The most convenient models of these tanks operate efficiently and easily by way of a check valve that has some rubber parts in it. Check valves are just valves that allow the liquid to flow in one direction while preventing back flow automatically.

5. Rubber Boots for Various Purposes

Another important place that the agricultural industry uses rubber products is for boots for plastic water, precast concrete and septic tanks. These boots allow for a watertight seal on the tanks’ inlets and outlets to prevent leaks.

As you can see from the above examples of rubber products, the modern industrial agricultural is highly dependent on these products and more for their daily operations. This holds true whether the tasks involve water management, crop cultivation, pest management, fertilisation, harvesting, and packaging or transportation ones. The equipment and tools for each of these tasks can include parts made from rubber. Efficiency is vital to the success of this industry and rubber elements play an integral role in this.