Rubber Seals and their Uses in the Agriculture Industry

26 May 2020

The agriculture industry has significantly changed over the course of time. Due to several advancement in technology, most traditional methods were developed into modern ones – ensuring an increase in yield and productivity. Modern industrial agriculture includes crop cultivation, water management, fertilisation, pest management, harvesting, post-harvest handling, transportation, and packaging. The tools and machinery used in each of these stages make significant use of different rubber materials and products. Below are examples of rubber seals and their uses in the agriculture industry.

Rubber Seal Usage in the Agriculture Industry

The many elastomeric and rubber materials and products used in the agricultural industry have varied requirements, depending on the exact circumstances of use. Common requirements are weather resistance, ability to withstand heat, cold, frost, extremely dry or humid environments, resistance to ozone and UV degradation, and imperviousness to the variety of agrochemicals (chemicals, nutrients, and pesticides) commonly used in the industry.

Rubber parts are used in irrigation products such as pipes, hoses, tubing, drip lines, sprinklers, sprayers, mist emitters, filters, valves, and pumps; in machinery such as tractors, tillers, planters, harvesters, sorters, and packagers; and in construction of specialized environments such as greenhouses and hydroponics. Each individual process, together with the set of environmental variables relevant to that process, will determine which types of rubber components are best suited for each specific situation.

Rubber Seals Prevent Leakage and Exposure

The farm and agriculture industry requires rubber parts that can protect against leakage, resist chemical intrusion and seal openings from dust, contaminants and moisture. Applications are also often exposed to the elements for extended time periods, so rubber components must resist ozone, oils, and ultraviolet rays. Common farm and agriculture industry rubber components manufactured include: hoses, gaskets, vehicle flooring, tubing and seals, sealing strips and extruded profiles.  

Custom Farm and Agriculture Rubber Solutions

While off-the-shelf rubber products are suitable for some markets, farm and agriculture applications require rubber products that can withstand long-term exposure and extreme stresses. Manufacturers can develop a custom rubber solution for your application. To get optimum results, methods include: consulting with your team to gain full understanding of the product and its intended uses, identifying the rubber compound best suited for the product’s particular needs, when rubber is joined to metals or other materials, pinpointing adhesives to create the strongest bond Consult VSRP for your rubber seal needs in the agriculture industry. We are an Australian based company with a subsidiary manufacturing facility in Vietnam and close and long-term manufacturing partners. We specialise in customised tooling design and manufacture according to our customers’ specifications. Our staff have extensive experience in the rubber industry, providing you with high quality, professionally produced products. No job is too small or too big. Our Sydney office and the manufacturing facility is ISO9001 accredited. This means we have the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet your requirements and regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing you with quality products and on-time delivery on each and every order.