Rubber Radiator Mount: Effective Solution To Minimise and Dampen Vibrations

22 April 2020

Radiator mounts comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each imparting a whole slew of advantages and disadvantages. Below are the most common types that you will encounter. Knowing them is important because some are very specific to only certain types of radiators. These types of radiator mounts include polyurethane mounts that are  shaped like cubes with pre-cut insertion points for the extensions of the radiator to fit into. Essentially, they function in the same way as the rubber equivalents-providing a buffer and solid enough mount. While they do last longer than rubber mounts, they are still prone to wearing out.

Another type of radiator mount is the true mount which is made aluminium or stainless steel, these are full-frame mounts that span the entire height of a radiator-the only rubber here is on the ends of the arms that hold the radiator tightly! Understandably, these are far more costly than either of the mounts previously mentioned. You get your money’s worth, though, because they are extremely stable and take longer to break down.

Lastly, there are rubber radiator mounts. These are the simplest and most affordable among all the types of mounts. They’re essentially cylindrical blocks of rubber that form a buffer between the radiator and the wall of the engine block. Apart from being cheap, the properties of rubber allow it to absorb a great deal of shock and stress. The downside is that they are not too secure and wear out easily. Below are reasons why rubber radiator mounts  are  an  effective solution to minimise and dampen vibrations.

Rubber Radiator Mounts Provide a Secure Fit

For everything under the hood, “secure fit” takes on a whole new meaning. There are far too many components that can bump into each other that mis-mounting is never a smart idea. Being one of the main components for keeping your vehicle in the cool, it is important to shop for the right rubber radiator mount to keep your radiator in its proper place at all times.

Rubber Radiator Mounts are Versatile

In a certain sense, each of these can be adapted to fit any radiator-but there are limitations. Some true mounts have re-adjustable arms, true, but may not be able to retract far enough to securely hold smaller radiators on smaller vehicles.

Rubber Radiator Mounts are Easy to Install

Vibrations-they could be your friend, or they could be your enemy. In your vehicle, however, vibrations are more often enemies than friends. They cause premature damage. They wreak havoc in various assemblies. In your cooling system, they can topple down your radiator. Good thing there’s a radiator mount to the rescue. This mount holds the radiator in place, securing it firmly so that it won’t wobble while you drive, no matter how much vibrations it has to handle. When looking for the right mount, you need to go for one that is tough (meaning it will provide optimum radiator security) and one that is also designed to be gentle on the radiator, so to speak. Most of these mounts are very easy to install in place, so you won’t have any problem. All you need to ensure is to get the right one that will complement your car radiator, one that will match the radiator’s specifications.

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