Important Checklist When Searching for a Rubber Manufacturer in Sydney

28 August 2020

Rubber is an item with a variety of uses. It has its own commercial and industrial application. As such, many useful products are seen to be made from this particular material namely, rubber stopper, tires and many other versatile items. If you are in the lookout for a rubber manufacturer in Sydney, it is important to consider all the factors that matter the most to how you want your product to come out. Below is an important checklist when searching for a rubber manufacturer in Sydney.


The first thing to consider in searching for a rubber manufacturer in Sydney is the professional relationship they offer to their clients. This matters a lot because this is where you will base how your future rubber manufacturer will interact with you. Ask them for references of the people they worked with and assess whether or not they have worked with a well-known brand, or they have serviced their clients fairly. At this point, you can easily spot if they provide good services based on whether or not they are willing to give you their references.


A rubber manufacturer who has its fair share of years in the industry is generally seen as a solid business. You can easily assume from their years that they have endured the test of time with regards to economic struggles in the past. You can also see from this category if the business has improved. It is not ideal to hire a rubber manufacturer who has been in the business for years without any improvements whatsoever.

Business Ethics

It is true that everyone wants a business that renders the best service. Provided that they have been operating for a long time, it is safe to assume that they have adapted their own ethical standards to adhere to. Most business have their own set of values that they prioritise and in order to strictly abide by it, there are certain things that must be sacrificed. It is important that you coincide with the same set of standards to avoid having conflicts in the long run.

For example, if you want to receive your rubber products on time, you have to check if their staff can handle the amount of work you require. If labour codes are important to you, you should also check if these employees receive the mandate minimum wage in the area. You could also refer back to the references to see if there are complaints regarding bad business practices. It is important that your ethics align with their for a more harmonious time of working together.

Product Quality

It is the norm to give product quality the utmost importance. For such to be practiced, you must check other rubber manufacturers to make a comparison. Look for the business directories or check out their websites for the profiles and credentials. Check their samples and put a balance between the things that you want.