Drill Rod Wipers: Uses and Applications

12 May 2020

Drill rod wipers are known to maximise smooth feeding of pipes by keeping your machine clean from borehole debris and provide a tight fit around rods or castings. They wipe water, mud, and soil from external rod surfaces and are field-proven and engineered specifically for rugged conditions in extreme temperatures. They Increase up-time with longer service life: resists rapid deterioration under temperature extremes. They are also  precisely compounded to ensure repeatable part performance. Their proprietary moulding process results in a finished product with excellent quality and consistency. To know more about drill rod wipers, below are its uses and applications.

Drill Rod Wipers Remove Fluids and Debris Out of Drill Rods

Rubber drill rod wipers are manufactured out of special rubber mix to make them difficult to cut or tear. The rubber used for rubber drill rod wipes may be made out of natural rubber or Nitrile rubber compounds. They are scratch-resistant, which prevents them from obtaining sudden wear and tear. The main purpose of these wipers is to remove fluids and debris out of drill rods whenever they are used underground.

Drill Rod Wipers Protect Foreign Object Infiltration of the Annulus

Aside from the removal of fluids and debris, rubber drill rod wipers can also help protect the annulus from foreign object infiltration of an oil well or water well. The annulus pertains to any void between any piping, tubing, or casing and the piping, tubing, or casing that surrounds it. Through rubber drill rod wipers, the fluid spillage on the rig floor is also reduced by a significant amount.

Drill Rod Wipers Make the Pipe Safer and Easier to Handle

The use of rubber drill rod wipers to daily operations make the pipe safer and easier to handle while all rig personnel keep the rig floor clean and perform their assigned tasks.  Rubber drill rod wipers are best used for rods and pipes that are involved in any underground drilling operations. If you need some rubber drill rod wipers for your underground activities, then you can get them from us at VSRP. We are experts in customised tooling design and manufacture of high-quality engineered rubber products according to the specifications of our customers.

Drilling rigs, workover rigs, and swabbing units are mostly exposed to fluids and debris. The exposure of these rigs and units to these elements calls for materials that can withstand damages from water, soil, mud, and others in the long run.

Drill rods are fragments of stainless steel piping that are assembled to form a drill string. This drill string then connects the drilling rig at the surface to the drilling head at the tunnel face. The connection of the drilling string to the drilling rig provides rotational torque to the drilling head and supplies drilling fluid from the surface to the cutting face.

Aside from the mentioned above, drill rods are also incorporated with drill bits, taps, dowel pins, shaft, and reamers. And since they are usually used under extreme measures, the materials used in making drill rods must also be durable. Most of them are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel because of its tensile strength. Drill rods must also be flexible since they travel long distances underground.

Even if drill rods are made from great materials, they are still prone to damages brought by fluids and debris. Repeated exposure of drill rods to soil and mud can affect their drilling, workover, or swabbing performance. To help drill rods combat damaging elements, industries have designed and created rubber drill rod wipers.