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Mining and Mining Related Rubber Products

Mining Rubber Products

A mining complex is not the ideal environment for man-made tools and equipment. Metal panels are sliced with abrasive rocks. Water pours down every harsh wall, while humidity destroys electrical components. This geological horror show is prevented by rubber goods from the mining sector, which introduces a versatile mechanical element to the gritty mix and reduces damage. The equipment is protected by alloys that are subjected to harsh treatment from rough-hewn rocks loaded with trace minerals and precious metals. Polymer-imbued pliability, on the other hand, offers a protective layer that eases shock events with a solid bounce and an anti-abrasive skid to instantly reform and deal with the next.

Quality Rubber products for your mining operation,

Mining rubber products are essential for the safe and efficient operation of any mining or excavation site. They provide protection against wear and tear on equipment, help to keep workers safe by providing traction and insulation, and can also be used to seal off sections of the mine. Mining rubber products come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any need and are made from high-quality materials that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Trust VSRP for all your mining rubber product needs!

Our products are made to withstand the harshest conditions and offer superior protection for your equipment. We have a variety of products available:

Rubber Sheets and Linings

Rubber wedges, chocks that allow utility cables to pass through, and smooth the path of vehicle wheels are formed by resilient moulding. Hoppers are coated in rubber-lined sheets, giving light-duty self-tipping feeders and heavy-duty storage bins a shock-attenuating layer. A protective coat, similar to those used on-air raid shelters and military tunnels, is applied to warp-prone metal housings to prevent them from being crushed by mined raw material. For additional duties such as foot traffic mats and transfer chute lining, it is also used.

A resilient moulding forms rubber wedges, chocks that allow the passage of utility cables and smooth the way of vehicle wheels. Rubber-lined sheets coat hoppers, imbuing light-duty self-tipping feeders and heavy-duty bins with a shock-attenuating layer. This coating acts as a defensive lining, one that protects warp-prone metal housings from the crushing force of mined raw material. Also employed for other material handling duties, foot traffic mats, and transfer chute lining.

Conveyor-Specific Products

The conveyor belt and screening decks are obvious exemplars of rubber products in the mining sector, so no points for guessing them. Take a look beneath the steel-reinforced belt, though. Roller pulleys and the drum cladding on the pulleys employ high-grip rubber to limit energy-sapping slippage events and increase the efficiency of the drive system, including any vibratory action that screens narrow streams of aggregate material. Rubberised inserts counteract the springs and assembly components of this counter-vibrating mechanism, eliminating wear and enhancing the screening cycle.

Custom-Produced Mining Products

When compared with identical textiles and wire meshes, sound-absorbing rubber screens and perimeter bumpers raise wear resistance by 15 times, ensuring that the mining transport sector never stops. Down among the chutes, inflatable linings that cushion the impact and create a good flow of material that waste reduction are all part of this operation.
If you need quality rubber products for your mining operation, Mining Rubber Products is the supplier for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you improve safety and protect your investment. VSRP offers premium mining rubber products that provide safety, protection and durability for your equipment and crew.

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