Many industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and oil maximise sealing products so that their pipes, tubes, pistons, cylinders, and other similar components can be protected from liquids or gases. One of the sealing products that they often maximise are O-rings.

O-rings are round elastic loops that can seal applications that are either static or dynamic. And as previously stated, they are one of the sealing products that can seal structures of various components, preventing them from any leakage incidents. To date, O-rings can be produced out of various rubber materials. Some materials that can be used to generate O-rings are polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), nitrile, neoprene, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, Viton, and silicone.

Rubber O-rings are known for their indestructible and sturdy properties. However, they should be assessed and maintained throughout their usage. The following are some helpful tips that you can do to take care of your rubber O-rings properly.

Ensure Proper Installation

One of the tips that you must do to take care of your rubber O-rings is to install them properly. When installing O-rings on your specific component, you must make sure that the gland or groove will be free from any metallic materials. The absence of metallic materials can ensure that the O-rings will not be cut or pierced during their usage. Your O-rings must likewise be installed without torquing or twisting them, ensuring that they can seal the components uniformly.

Conduct Detailed Inspection

Even though O-rings are installed properly, they must still be assessed and inspected regularly. Once notable issues are found, then they must be fixed or replaced right away. One of the issues that your O-rings may possess is chemical damages. O-rings with chemical damages will typically show signs of cracking, discolouration, or blistering. Other issues that your O-rings may have are swelling, thermal degradation, extrusion, and degradation.

Apply Adequate Lubricant

Another tip that you should do take care of your rubber O-rings is to apply an adequate amount and type of lubricant. Lubrication of O-rings is vital since it can prevent them from obtaining damages easily. It can likewise extend their service life, helping you save a lot of money on replacements and repairs. Once the lubricant dries out, the O-rings may easily obtain truly irreversible damages. Worse, the components that are being sealed may also obtain problems that can affect your entire operations.

Practice Suitable Cleaning

Aside from installing and lubricating them properly, you must also ensure that the O-rings will be cleaned regularly. O-rings must be cleaned with soap and water so that they can maintain their primary functions without damaging their surfaces. Utilising solvents like trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride is not recommended for these sealing materials since they can be harmful to their surfaces. Sharp tools and brushes are likewise not recommended when cleaning the O-rings.

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For machines and other hardware to be functional and long-lasting, most of their parts must be shut and sealed tightly. Through various seal components such as washers, spacers, gaskets, and bushings, these things can easily carry out their functions without expecting any damages from the surroundings.

After all, these seal components are intended to be mounted and installed on various machine parts. Once they are successfully installed, they can prevent gases and liquids from involuntarily flowing into the machine parts during their operations. As gases and liquids are stopped from flowing freely, industries that utilise machines and other hardware devices can expect their assets to work for a long time.

A lot of materials can be used in creating seal components. But one material that stands out from the rest of the material options is rubber. Rubber is the best material for sealing due to the following reasons:

  1. Guaranteed Flexibility

One of the reasons why rubber is the best sealing material is that it has guaranteed flexibility. Compared to metal seal components, rubber seal components are designed to be more flexible and adaptable to the situation that they are in. This quality alone allows them to securely fit in machine parts without major risks of creep and leakage.

Another reason why the rubber is great for seal components is that it can provide greater load distribution as opposed to other sealing materials. Their ability to distribute pressure and load inside the machine parts, alongside their flexibility, makes them great for minimising damages to their surrounding areas.

Perhaps, the main reason why the rubber is the best material for seal components is that it can offer enhanced sealing to machine parts. The use of rubber seal components has been notable for preventing fluid, gases, and other substances from leaking. They can even withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive elements, and other rough operating conditions, making them safe for any application.

The flexibility and load distribution of rubber seal components likewise make them extremely stable during their operations. Even if they feature various shapes, sizes, and configurations, seal components made from rubber can still seal and protect machine parts from elements without compromising stability. 

Given that rubber can withstand extreme elements, this material is recommended for seal components as it can work for a very long time. Rubber seal components such as washers, spacers, gaskets, and bushings are expected to operate for a lengthy amount of time given that they can absorb machine vibration very well. This quality allows them to avoid damaging wear, creep, and displacement. Rubber seal components can also have prolonged service life since instances of surface damage and corrosion are mitigated effectively by their primary composition, flexibility, and load distribution properties.

All these reasons behind utilising rubber for seal components make them great for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics. To gain access to quality rubber seal components, you can contact us at VSRP. We stock a wide range of standard items and produce rubber products to your exact specifications and consistently high quality.

Potable water tanks are tanks that are intended to store potable water for human consumption. Their primary composition and structure must adhere to the qualities stated by regulating bodies so that the water can be consumed without expecting any health issues.

But one way to optimise the performance of potable water tanks is through the integration of check valves. Check valves are hardware devices that can limit the water flow to only one direction. They possess ports that are designed to be the inlet and outlet for the media. These valves function well as they rely on the principles of pressure differential. The inlet port must have a higher pressure than the outlet port before the check valves can open. If this condition is not met, then the valves will close.

Known Causes of Failing Check Valves 

Now, if the check valves have failed to perform their intended operations, then there might be some problems and issues with their components. Failure to address them right away can then damage the components of connected systems and cost expensive repairs.

One of the reasons behind failing check valves is the water hammer. A water hammer is a sudden pressure surge that is typically generated whenever the water in motion is compelled to abruptly change direction or stop from moving. As the occurrences of the water hammer continue, some components of the valves and other associated fittings might get some damage.

Another possible cause of failing check valves is the reversal of water flow. This specific problem totally opposes the function of the check valves. With the existence of two-way flow inside the tanks, their components might get substantial issues that can be difficult to resolve.

Other possible causes of failing check valves include the improper installation and assembly of the said valves, leaving some debris inside the portable water tanks, and failure to change the seals.

Preventative Maintenance is Necessary

Regular preventative maintenance of the check valves is necessary. Without maintenance, the check valves are anticipated to gain notable problems during their operations. Their longevity is likewise expected to decrease since they are not serviced effectively.

One way to maintain the check valves is to keep them clean. Any contaminants and debris inside these valves and the connected portable water tanks should be removed to ensure that they can operate effectively. They can be cleaned by utilising filters and covers. Flushing the tanks can also help eradicate debris and minimise contaminants.

Another way to ensure the longevity of check valves is to lubricate them. An appropriate lubricant must be used to make sure that they perform well. Reapplying the lubricant regularly can likewise help the valves work for a much longer time compared to not applying lubricant at all.

Purchase Quality Check Valves Today

Ultimately, your check valves might need to be replaced with new ones if they cannot operate properly anymore. Doing this can cost you some money, but the overall savings that you can get from new check valves in the long run are significantly high as opposed to maximising faulty check valves.

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Vehicles can be exposed to a lot of damaging elements from their surroundings. Their external surfaces may obtain some markings and stains due to exposure to weather elements and dirt particles. They can likewise attain dents and scratches due to their interaction with road debris, nearby vehicles’ doors, fallen tree branches, shopping trolleys, and other possible elements from the outdoors.

If your business operations involve trucks and other similar vehicles, you may want to protect them from external damages. Since most of these vehicles will be parked on docks, you can customise these places to make them safe for your assets. One way to do this is through the installation of rubber bumpers.

An Introduction to Rubber Bumpers 

Rubber bumpers are tiny pieces of rubber material that can protect vehicle bodies and even machines, equipment, and other products from impact damage. Some types of rubber bumpers contain an adhesive on one side, which can be utilised by pressing them against the rear of the trucks, vehicles, and even docks. They may come in either a circular or bar-like shape and feature some holes for added efficiency.

What makes rubber bumpers great for vehicle bodies is that they can easily create a barrier between them and the surfaces around them. Whenever vehicles are parked on docks, they can easily get scratches, dents, and other serious damages. But once the rubber bumpers are present, then these forms of damages can be avoided effectively.

Choosing the Best Rubber Bumpers

The best rubber bumpers for your site would depend on several factors. For one, you may want to consider the size of your vehicles. If you are accommodating huge trucks, then you must go for large size rubber bumpers. Small rubber bumpers, alternatively, can already do well with small vehicles. Aside from size, you must also consider the amount of impact that you expect with your vehicles on the dock.

Another factor to consider in choosing the best rubber bumpers for your vehicles is their material. Some of them may be produced out of silicone. Silicone rubber bumpers are known for their moisture resistance, elasticity, and longevity, which can already do well with vehicle bodies and docks. Another material that you can consider is nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber bumpers are recommended for applications that have oil or grease on site since they can withstand their possible damaging effects effectively.

With the right rubber bumpers, any dock traffic can be accommodated without any issues. Your vehicle bodies can also be protected through the correct type of rubber bumpers.

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Automotive, electronics, food processing, mining, packaging, and other industries all utilise conveyor systems to transport loads, materials, and products within the specified areas. Conveyor systems may be equipped with belt, wheels, chain, or rollers to transfer objects from one place to another.

What makes conveyor systems beneficial for these industries is that they minimise human error. Since most of them have to process tons of loads, materials, and products during their operations, they can easily accomplish their processes without expecting any significant slowdowns and mistakes. Business owners can also prevent their employees from obtaining injuries as some of these things can be too heavy or too bulky to carry and move by hand alone.

But to make conveyor systems more functional, industries can also integrate skirting rubber into them. Skirting rubber is a sealing product that can prevent dust from getting out of the conveyor systems. Through the installation of this sealing product, the following benefits can be attained.

Suppresses Dust Particles

Some products that are being transported by the conveyor system may break off into smaller particles and generate dust. Without the skirting rubber, the dust particles may be released into the atmosphere and cause adverse health effects to the people around the system. Alternatively, the presence of skirting rubber allows dust particles to stay within the conveyor system. Additionally, fine materials like sand, sugar, salt, wood chips, and others are saved from being discharged out of the system.

Minimises Material Loss

Another benefit of installing skirting rubber is that it can minimise the amount of material loss during the conveyor system operations. Tons of factors can negatively affect the operations of conveyor systems. Their speed or incline angle may not be compatible with the materials that they are transporting. The materials themselves might likewise have inconsistent qualities. But no matter what conveying issues an operation has, the sealing function of the skirting rubber still allows most loads, materials, and products to arrive at their intended destinations, minimising instances of material loss and wastage.

Prevents System Damages

Aside from proper sealing of skirting rubber, it can also be utilised to prevent the conveyor systems from being damaged. The addition of the skirting rubber can keep the conveyor system components aligned as they operate and transport loads, materials, and products. Since the components will be aligned, they can effectively work without obstructing one another. The overall service life of the conveyor systems is also guaranteed to increase, while the need to clean, repair, and maintain them will be reduced.

Increases Productivity

One more benefit of installing skirting rubber is that it can improve and increase the productivity of businesses. Since skirting rubber can minimise the amount of dust particles that are released into the atmosphere, it can easily prevent employees from obtaining health issues. And as employees continue to come to work, the processes involving the conveyor system can continue. Reducing material loss and wastage can likewise achieve a higher product yield for several businesses.

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