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Custom made Rubber products to suit your application and specifications


Pipe seal in different profile

Concrete pipe seal in O-Ring, D-Ring, Ringtail, and V-Ring profile

Pipe Seal

Drill Rod wipers

High quality, solid rubber drill rod wiper removes all soil, mud and water from the drill rod.

Drill Rod Wiper

Mining Accessories

Conveyor Flap / Chute Flaps

Conveyor flaps, chute flaps or conveyor chute flaps direct ores down to the correct bin location.

Conveyor Flap/Chute Flap

Conveyor Discs

We supply conveyor discs – impact conveyor discs, bullnose conveyor discs and return conveyor discs – in various sizes. Please enquire about your size and specific requirement.

Impact Conveyor Disc

Bullnose Conveyor Disc

Dust Seal

Rubber dust seals prevent dust entry into equipment and are available to suit your machinery.

Rubber Dust Seal

Vent Band

FRAS (Fire Retardant Anti Static) Vent Bands are being used for wrapping around vent tubes in underground mines.

Vent Band

Skirting Rubber

Skirting rubber and skirting rubber attachments prevent spillage from the sides of conveyor systems.

Skirting Rubber

Gripper Bars

Rubber bonded steel bars.

Rubber Bonded Steel Bar


Vacuum cups for installation of Glass panels

In high rise buildings, installation of the glass panels are being assisted by the vacuum cups. The air is being sucked out and the vacuum cups are attached to the glass and is being lifted into position by cranes for glass installation.

Vacuum Cup top view

Vacuum Cup bottom view


Tube Stabiliser

Tube stabilisers allow flexible irrigations tubes to be held stable.

Irrigation tube Stabiliser


These are being used in precast concrete and plastic water septic tank

Boot 4

Boot 2

Boot 3

Check Valves

Application as valves in potable water and sewage application.

Tank Valves

Pan Collar

Application in connecting pipes to the toilet.


Pan Connector

Application in connecting pipes to the toilet.



Mounts and Bumpers

Rubber mounts minimise and dampen vibrations in many applications – machinery, conveyors, vehicles, suspension systems.

Rubber Mounts & Bumpers

Radiator Mounts

Radiator mounts minimise and dampen vibrations when mounting radiators.

Radiator Mounts

Engine Mounts

Rubber engine mounts protect engines and chassis structures from vibration damage.

Rubber Engine Mounts

Rubber Bumpers for rear of the trucks, docks

Rubber bumpers protect vehicle bodies and metalwork from impact damage.

Rubber Bumper

Rubber Bumper

Other Rubber Components


Grommets are fitted into holes to protect cords or hoses from damage.


Rubber Buffers, Bumpers, Washers

Rubber bumpers, buffers and washers to suit many applications.



Rubber feet, rubber chair tips to protect flooring from scratches.

Chair Tip

Rubber Sheets

Rubber sheets can be used to stamp out flat rubber parts using your own stamping equipment. Available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Rubber Sheet


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